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Never get involved in a movement

4 . Never get involved in a movement against divulging the Pancasila , the Constitution of 1945, the State and the Government5 . Not located as servants or candidates both Civil Servants and Military / Police6 . Not located as a board member / member POLITICAL PARTIES7 . Physical and Spiritual Health as evidenced by a certificate of Government Doctors / Hospitals or health center8 . Good character as evidenced by a Certificate of criminal records ( SKCK ) of the Police9 . Job Seekers Identity Card ( AK - 1 ) from the Department of Labor10 . Certificate not consume - using drugs , psychotropic substances , precursors and other addictive substances from Government Health Service unit11 . Especially for Labor Education should not be deaf , homeless , cross-eyed , cleft lip and skin diseases / Supak
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