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Hotels in Yogyakarta Jobs Today

Hotels in Yogyakarta Jobs Today

Job Vacancy Hotel in Yogyakarta in October 2013
Hotels in Yogyakarta Jobs Today

New lockers for the position of : Receptionist

Lockers Hotel in Yogyakarta requirements are :

    Female with maximum age 25 years old and single status
    Minimal is a high school graduate
    Has the appearance of Interest , Clean and Neat
    Proficient computer skills with good
    Master good communication skills and a clear voice
    Mastering the English language communication skills
Indonesian citizen . 2 . Devoted to God Almighty

Indonesian citizen . 2 . Devoted to God Almighty

B. REQUIREMENTS1 . Indonesian citizen .2 . Devoted to God Almighty .3 . Have a high regard for integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia .4 . Not located as CPNS / PNS , Candidate / Member army / police .5 . Not located as members or officials of political parties6 . Never dismissed with respect not his own request ornot with respect as a civil / military / police or dismissed byrespect as private employees7 . There was never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions .8 . Good behavior .
Sales Executive ( SE ) requirements

Sales Executive ( SE ) requirements

Sales Executive ( SE )requirements :

Male or female
Minimum age 18 years
Minimum D3 all the majors
Achievement index of at least 2.75 on a 4.00 scale
attractive appearance
Have good communication skills
Disciplined , honest and responsible
Never get involved in a movement

Never get involved in a movement

4 . Never get involved in a movement against divulging the Pancasila , the Constitution of 1945, the State and the Government5 . Not located as servants or candidates both Civil Servants and Military / Police6 . Not located as a board member / member POLITICAL PARTIES7 . Physical and Spiritual Health as evidenced by a certificate of Government Doctors / Hospitals or health center8 . Good character as evidenced by a Certificate of criminal records ( SKCK ) of the Police9 . Job Seekers Identity Card ( AK - 1 ) from the Department of Labor10 . Certificate not consume - using drugs , psychotropic substances , precursors and other addictive substances from Government Health Service unit11 . Especially for Labor Education should not be deaf , homeless , cross-eyed , cleft lip and skin diseases / Supak
Competency Test Field ( TKB )

Competency Test Field ( TKB )

3 . Competency Test Field ( TKB )a. Applicants who passed the Basic Competence Test ( TKD ) , are required to follow the stages of examination Competency Test Field ( TKB ) in the form of interviews with the documents as follows :1 ) original test card numbers , and2 ) Identity Card ( KTP ) original .b . Exam Interview by :1 ) User / user in the work unit ;2 ) Expert / Substance Scientific / Field of Study ;3 ) Psychologists , and4 ) The team from the Center (for UPT ) .c . Participants name and time of the interview can be viewed Exam 7 ( seven ) days
North Tapanuli regent

North Tapanuli regent

North Tapanuli regentannouncementNumber : 800/2850/BKD/II/2013
Candidate acceptance Regional Civil Servants Formation Year 2013For Applicants in the General Government EnvironmentNorth Tapanuli
Based on the Letter Head of the Civil

Based on the Letter Head of the Civil

Based on the Letter Head of the Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Number : K.26-30/V.146-2/99 Date September 2, 2013 Subject Selection CPNS Formation General Admission Year 2013 and North Labuhanbatu Regent Decree No. 800/1616/BKD/2013 dated 18 September 2013 concerning Formation candidate for Civil Servants in the area of Public Applicants Environment Northern District Government Labuhanbatu in 2013 , the Government of the District of North Labuhanbatu will receive a candidate for Civil Servants Regency North Labuhanbatu in 2013 as many as 40 (forty ) of the General Applicants start September 23, 2013 to October 4, 2013 postmarks , with details as follows
Letter from the Minister of Administrative Reform

Letter from the Minister of Administrative Reform

I. BASICLetter from the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform No. R/131.F/M.PAN-RB/08/2013 dated August 28, 2013 on Approval of details CPNS Formation Regions for General Applicants in 2013 .
Lecturer in Physical Education III S2 / b 1 FMIPA

Lecturer in Physical Education III S2 / b 1 FMIPA

1 . Lecturer in Physical Education III S2 / b 1 FMIPA2 . Counseling S2 Lecturer III / b 1 FIP3 . Elementary Education Concentration S2 Lecturer III IPS / b 1 FIP4 . S2 Lecturer Early Childhood Education III / b 1 FIP5 . S2 lecturer Indonesian Education III / b 1 FBS6 . Lecturer S2 Art Education Music III / b 1 FBS7 . S2 Lecturer History Education III / b 1 FIS8 . Lecturer in Geography Education S2 III / b 1 FIS9 . S2 Maths Lecturer III / b 1 FMIPA10 . Lecturer S2 Sports Education III / b 3 FIK11 . S2 Accounting Lecturer III / b 2 FE12 . S2 Lecturer Computer Design III / b 1 FT13 . S2 Lecturer Chemistry III / b 1 FMIPA14 . S2 Lecturer III Economics Education / b 1 FE
Copy of birth certificate

Copy of birth certificate

6 . Copy of birth certificate .7 . Photocopy of a valid ID card .8 . Copy of spiritual as well as physical health certificate is not color blind from PHC / Hospital / Dr .9 . Photocopy SKCK ( Police Notes ) are still valid . ( if the applicant already has these files to be attached , but it became a must-have files of applicants to be given to the Selection Committee while filing the proposal employess BPPT ) .10 . Photocopy of the title page and abstract final project / thesis .11 . Copy of work experience for those who have never worked .
3 . All files are sent unless a letter of application and curriculum vitae is a copy and not the original . The committee is not responsible for restoring the original file in case of transmission error .4 . And neatly organized files included ( in the order in item 2 ) into stopmap , and put an application in accordance with the registration number majoring in education at THE LEFT CORNER application folder .- MAP GREEN for applicants S1- MAP YELLOW for applicants D3- MAP RED for applicants D1- MAP BLUE on SMK applicants
Application Form along with the accessories

Application Form along with the accessories

Application Form along with the accessoriesCover letter along with the accessories included in the folder with the name Stop the applicant , job title , job code and educational qualification , with color Stop Map as follows :a. Teachers : Stop Folder Color Yellowb . Health Workers : Stop Folder Bluec . Technical Assistant : Stop the Red Folder
D. WRITE OF EXAM :1 . Day / Date : Sunday, November 3, 20132 . Time : 7:00 pm until finished3 . Place : As indicated on identity cards examinees CPNS4 . Exam material consists of :a. Basic Competence Test ( TKD ) , consists of : Test Insights Nationality Test General Intelligence Test Personal Characteristicsb . For Competency Test field ( TKB ) , Waiting for further information and provisions of the National Selection Committee ( PANSELNAS ) CPNS
1 . Graduates of public universities

1 . Graduates of public universities

1 . Graduates of public universities / private accredited minimum 'B ' or foreign universities which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture ;2 . Have a grade point average ( GPA ) of at ? Least 2.75 ( two point seven five ) for a graduate degree ( S1 ) and at ? Least 2.65 ( two point six five ) for graduate Diploma ( D3 ) ;3 . Special allocation for the formation son / daughter Papua , one or both parents are indigenous applicants ;4 . For applicants with disabilities ( disabilities ) intended to applicants who :a. Not blindb . No speech impairedc . Not deaf .C. Other requirementsApplicants who passed and has been appointed as a civil servant was not allowed to resign and apply for a move for any reason before the minimum term of 5 ( five ) years .
ANNOUNCEMENT Number : 935/TU.210/A2/9/2013

ANNOUNCEMENT Number : 935/TU.210/A2/9/2013

ANNOUNCEMENTNumber : 935/TU.210/A2/9/2013Procurement CPNS Ministry of AgricultureFormation of Fiscal Year 2013
In the framework of the implementation of the Reforms in the field of human resource management system structuringapparatus and bureaucracy to achieve quality service by the personnelhave high integrity , Ministry of Agriculture Candidate registration opens ServantsCivil ( CPNS ) formation in 2013 . Formation charging the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013based on the Ministry of Administrative Reform and ReformBureaucracy No. 158 Year 2013 dated August 21, 2013 on the Civil Service FormationMinistry of Agriculture Fiscal Year 2013 , to the then Ministry of Agriculture openedregistration of candidates for Civil Servants ( CPNS ) in order to fill the vacancy formation MinistryAgriculture Fiscal Year 2013, which will be placed at the head office and Implementation UnitTechnical ( UPT ) the scope of the Ministry of Agriculture in Indonesia , was announced as follows :

How to Apply Vacancies 2013

How to Apply Vacancies 2013

requirements :

Male or Female
Indonesian natives
Physically and mentally healthy
Minimum age 22 years
Not color blind
Fluent in English both oral and written
POLITICAL PARTIES not served as a member of the military police or civil servants
Has not or never undergo imprisonment
Not consume narcotics and the like
How to Apply Vacancies 2013 as the PNS PNRI done online through http://sscn.bkn.go.id address from 16 to 28 September 2013 .Tim Procurement CPNS National Library in 2013Salemba Jln Raya No. 28A JakartaMore information see here
Description : Recruitment CPNS Indonesia National Library Gallery in September 2013 Rating : 4.5 Reviewers : Site Duakerja ItemReviewed : Recruitment employess National Library of Indonesia 2013 Gallery in September

PT Raspari Granitonusa job

PT Raspari Granitonusa job

PT Raspari Granitonusa job - PT. Raspari Granitonusa is: one of the Manufacturing / Granite and marble industry is the largest in East Jakarta, with a distance of about +40 km toward Bogor, an integrated regional areas in the field of Industry, the largest in East Jakarta.

Sales & Marketing


     Women (Female Applicants Only)
     Min 26 years max age 40 years
     Minimum high school / equivalent
     Have experience in direct marketing / door to door marketing and canvas
     Experienced in Marketing is preferred
     Aggressive, target oriented, dynamic and self-reliant
     Could operate a computer and internet
     Thorough, high integrity and able to work under pressure
     Have special access to the contractors / architects and the like
     Salary is very attractive
     Alone can drive a motor vehicle at least two wheels

Lowongan Kerja Senior PHP Developer di Design Cube - Jakarta

Lowongan Kerja Senior PHP Developer di Design Cube - Jakarta

D3/S1 majoring in Informatic Technology
     Having min. 3 years relevant working experience in the multimedia industry
     Must be Able to write XHTML and CSS.
     Good understanding of PHP. Other server-side languages ​​will be advantageous.
     Familiar with XML, JavaScript (jQuery).
     Familiar with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress.
     Preferably having knowledge in Flash design and Flash Actionscript.
     Preferably having knowledge in application security vulnerabilities.
     Understanding the latest trends of web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Portfolio Send your CV to:



PT. Three design conformable
Mega Plaza 2nd Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav.C3
Jakarta 12920
Applicants for the Diploma education

Applicants for the Diploma education

Applicants for the Diploma education, grade point average (GPA) of at least: 2.6 with majors pursued accreditation minimal B
16. For graduates of foreign applicants are required to attach a Certificate of Higher Education Diploma Equalization Kemendikbud
17. And others, seilahkan visit http://sscn.bkn.go.id
C. Registration Procedures
1. Online registration
a. Implemented online registration portal system through the National Selection CPNS 2013 on the website http://sscn.bkn.go.id
starting on 9 September 2013 until the date of 23 September 2013
b. At the time of online registration, applicants should read carefully the instructions online registration by setting up the following files:
PILAARCOM store computer, laptop

PILAARCOM store computer, laptop

PILAARCOM store computer, laptop, notebook with cheap price, warranty and guaranteed. sell computers, laptops, notebooks, and original software with support accesories. requires new employees, in positions:

Computer Technician / PRINTER

-Honest, hardworking and earnest
-The spirit and willing to learn
-Minimum high school education / vocational and equal

Interested in joining the please send your CV via email to: Pilaardaya@gmail.com

(included scan KTP)
or get the application to:
Pilaar Computer

Jl. Soekarno-Hatta 10 Malang. (Home Polytechnic Negri Malang)